Our beautiful Island environment is the backbone of our community. Clean air to breathe and clean water to drink is essential and drives our economy through agriculture, fishing and tourism. We must act now to protect it. Extreme weather events like the polar vortex, floods, and rising sea levels are becoming too common and are affecting our wellbeing. Local government will be the front line of response in the coming years; therefore, we need leaders passionate and experienced in climate issues and seeing solutions through that aim to lessen impacts and burdens on our community. I am a long-time environmental servant—it is one of the reasons I’m running for County Commissioner. I believe in addressing the climate crisis head on so that people like my partner and I have the opportunity to prosperously raise our family here in Island County. The time to act on climate mitigation plans is now. It will take a cross-sector approach to make our community more resilient, meaning that many of the solutions we pursue in other issue areas should consider environmental impacts.